Unlimited Mailboxes at No Charge

WP Bolt servers allow you to have as many mailboxes as you like, at no extra charge. All of these mailboxes are stored on your server, so any messages that you leave on the server will use the storage space allocated to your server.

Sending Emails – IP Reputation and Deliverability

Each email provider (eg Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL) has their own reputation for every IP address. They assign a score to each IP address based on the way that recipients engage with the emails sent from that server.

Because your server’s IP is likely to only send a very small volume of emails, you may find that the IP reputation is low with most providers and as a result, your emails may be more likely to end up in the recipient’s junk or spam folder.

This is because they won’t be receiving enough email volume from your server’s IP to consider it a trusted sender.

Premium Outbound Relay Service

We have a solution for that deliverability issue, which is our Premium Outbound Relay service. With our Premium Outbound Relay service, your messages are sent from a shared set of IP addresses that send a large volume of trusted emails to all of the major providers. As a result, your email is much more likely to be accepted and delivered into your user’s inbox.

Our Premium Outbound Relay is $1 per month, and allows you to send up to 1,000 emails per day. You can order it during the ordering process, or add it at a later date, and we’ll configure your server to use our Outbound Relay service.

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