Cloud Hosting

4 AWS Alternatives To Try

AWS or Amazon Web Services is a cloud platform that was developed by e-commerce giant Amazon. AWS offers a lot more cloud computing services than other cloud hosting platforms, including the ones listed here as alternatives (Vultr, Linode, UpCloud and DigitalOcean). Besides cloud hosting, it also offers gaming, VR and IoT technologies, machine learning applications, […]

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Looking for a Linode Alternative? See Our Top 3

Linode is a cloud hosting company that is particularly well-liked by developers . It has great cloud infrastructure with Linux virtual machines and bare metal machines, IaaS offerings like managed databases and object storage. It’s also pretty affordable, making it very attractive for entrepreneurs that are just starting out or ones that want to grow […]

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Looking for a Vultr Alternative? See Our Top 3

Vultr is a cloud hosting platform that offers cutting-edge, high-performing SSD cloud servers. They launched in 2014, and are the newest entrant of any of the competitors that we will discuss in this article. Now, Vultr is a pretty good cloud infrastucture provider, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try other hosting platforms – to […]

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