Support Scope & Policy

What We Do

We monitor and ensure all our services are working including the services provided by our providers. Please let us know via our Support System if you feel any service is not working and we will investigate and log a ticket with the relevant provider.

  • HTTP/HTTPS (Web Serving)
  • Server software
  • Server hardware

What We Don’t Do (You Need to Do)

We’re here to help you host your websites and to that end, we’ll bend over backwards for you.

However, we aren’t your tech support or web designer, and we aren’t here to help you debug and troubleshoot issues related with scripts or web applications or issues caused by WordPress themes or plugins.

You are responsible for:

  • Maintaining adequate backups of your web sites
  • Registering and renewing domain names in line with the guidelines of the relevant registry
  • Domain name changes including setting Name Servers
  • Email client configuration
  • FTP client configuration
  • All scripts or applications in your hosting account, including WordPress

To provide a strong and sustainable hosting option for all our customers we will vigorously stick to this Support Policy. If you require specific WordPress support, we recommend Work Hero.